It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I am not surprised that half our mall is already decorated for the holidays. I laughed this year around August in a store with a sales girl and said “I’m amazed Christmas decorations aren’t up yet.” And someone who overheard me said they were in their local dollar store. Wow! I thought let me get through back to school and Halloween and then…..

But the chill is in the air and it has that “cold snowy” smell outside, it doesn’t help that it is damp and rainy today but in any event. It is November 11th so Christmas is just around the corner. I love the holidays and all of the festivities that go around them. Time to decorate the house and cook, cook, cook! There is nothing like the holiday spirit!

I have made some wonderful Christmas ornaments this year and I am just about ready to put a few of the pictures up in my new shop. Which one do you like? Personally I love them all, that is how I got started in this biz! LOL. But I am happy to create your own personal ornament for you if one of these gems doesn’t hit your fancy. Just pop me an email: theuntraditionatopiary@gmail.com The sky is the limit! So come on don’t be shy I love meeting new friends, and I’m happy to share a piece of your Christmas with you!


  1. I love them both. but if i HAVE to choose, then the first one will be my choice.

  2. I love your Christmas topiary! How cute!
    I'm here to follow you thru MBC!
    I'm off to visit your shop! Hope to have you come over and visit my blog, I'm having a giveaway!

  3. Hi Shelley,
    Thank you very much much for my special ornament I just received in the mail today. It's gorgeous!

    You are the kindest blog friend and I wish you much success with your new Etsy endeaver.

    ~Blessings to you, ~Melissa :)

  4. Beautiful Blog and great business! I have given you an award! Yay!

    Stop by and pick it up at...



  5. Hi Shelley, I love the topiaries you do girl!! Wow...i wouldn't even know how to begin to do these. I'm following you now too :)

  6. I love the topiaries, they are so happy and beautiful. Your blog header is so crisp and clean, it is great. I am following you from Mom Bloggers Club. Best of luck with the new shop!

  7. Beautiful! So glad to find you through MBC.

  8. Hung up my new ornament from you today!
    Pictures coming soon....:)

  9. I love the first one! So awesome! You certainly are talented!

    Following you via MBC.

  10. Those are so cute!

    I'm following from MBC. I hope you will check out my blog when you get a chance.


  11. Oh my gosh I love your stuff! It's super cute :)

  12. i absolutely love your stuff...

    following you via MBC...hopefully you will follow back...

  13. I have never seen ribbon topiary, it's beautiful!

    Following you from MBC follow me club,hope you can visit my blog too!


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