It’s about that time of year

It’s hard to believe that my daughter is just weeks away from graduating college! Last weekend we went down south to the University of Alabama for our last parent’s weekend with the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi and of course our daughter.

So what did we do, we walked and walked and walked and I took 4 years of photo’s since I never seemed to get photo’s of the “school” itself during our visits. We hit all of her “stomping” grounds, her school; the College of Journalism-future sports journalist here, her “foodie” hangouts, obviously her sorority where she has lived for the past 3 years a short stop by her first dorm, and yes, her local favorite bar Gallettes where “everyone knows her name.”

Ahh, college life; now the hard transition to the “real world.” For her is the next step and the next chapter in her life for all of us. As always we wish her well and are very proud of the woman she has become!

And can we get a “Roll Tide” one last time…

*I'd love to make an untraditional topiary for your college graduate or for your high school graduate! great way to show school spirit!


  1. Stopping in from SITS.
    Congratulations on your daughters graduation, you must feel very proud!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  2. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation! I have a brother who is also graduating from High School this year, and it seems like only yesterday that I was walking him to his bus stop for Kindergarten!

    I love your blog and am now following!

    I am still new at this blogging thing and am need of new followers, so please follow me as well. You can find me at:

    -Jessica a.k.a Nya's mom


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